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Hey neighbor! We are Zach, Shannon and Madison Joesting and we are so happy you’ve found us. We could say the Margarita Market has been a dream of ours, which is true, but that would leave out so much of the story of how this beautiful market came to be. 


Our family is proud to be lifelong members of San Luis Obispo County. We moved to our ranch in east Santa Margarita in 2016 where we began studying and practicing regenerative farming and permaculture on a small scale, surrounded by other small farmers and homesteaders creating goods for themselves and others. We began envisioning a community market, regularly discussing our dreams together over the dinner table. 

But it just so happened we weren’t the only ones with this vision! In 2019, Caliwala Market was opened as a community service project by Erin Inglish. We were so happy for the market to be in town, making available vegan, organic, and local products made by our neighbors. We were regular customers and loved everything about the store. 

During a regular pop-in in 2022, we found out that the store was in need of a new owner. We were not going to miss our chance this time! We are absolutely thrilled and honored to be selected as the family to carry the market forward into its next chapter.  

​We believe that the world needs us - all of us - to take action every day that supports regeneration of our environment. Making conscientious choices about where you purchase your food and what products you choose is one of the most impactful steps you can take. We know that shopping sustainably can be a challenge with the busy schedules we are accustomed to. Margarita Market is here to make it easy. Come on inI We can’t wait to meet you in person.

Vegetables in Paper Bags
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